Goals of the M-119 Tunnel Of Trees Scenic Heritage Route Committee

The Committee is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the scenic, cultural, natural, and historic characteristics of the M-119 Corridor.

    • Balancing growth and development with preservation and conservation

Future land use along the corridor will be influenced by a variety of factors: individual land owners’ decisions, regulations, the state of the economy, land costs, and pressures resulting from changing demographics and recreational and travel patterns.

    • Balancing roadside safety with aesthetics

Safety is of primary importance along the roadway. Preserving and protecting the natural, cultural, and scenic character of the corridor is an equally important goal.

    • Maintaining steep slope integrity

Township residents along the corridor have expressed concern regarding shoreline development. The M-119 Management Plan supports efforts to minimize the disruption of steep slopes that could damage the integrity of the roadway and undermine the safety and character of the corridor.

    • Preventing intrusions to scenic character